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  • Visit our booth at EuCNC & 6g summit

    Visit our booth at EuCNC & 6g summit

    Visit Booth#67 at EuCNC & 6G Summit to learn about 6G-XCEL project and the use-cases it targets to promote AI in 6G networks: 1) AI enhanced resource management 2) 6G dynamic spectrum management

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  • 6g XCEL at EuCNC & 6g summit

    6g XCEL at EuCNC & 6g summit

    📢 EuCNC & 6G Summit Session 2 at Workshop 4 was about EU– US Cooperation, and our Professor Dan Kilper presented 6G-XCEL objectives at this well attended workshop. ❓ Curious to know what comes next? Visit our Booth#67 for a deep-dive with Merim Džaferagić and rest of research team!

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  • Workshop by University of Patras

    Workshop by University of Patras

    “O-RAN on a decentralised multi-party, multi-network AI (DMMAI) framework” – Christos Tranoris Spyros Denazis DMMAI Framework is being designed and developed by 6G-XCEL partners, with target to provide tools for research and development of decentralized AI methods for network control extending across radio and optical networks and network domains (aka ‘multi-network’ approach). Building on […]

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  • 6G-XCEL Project presentation

    6G-XCEL Project presentation

    6G-XCEL Project presentation by Professor Dan Kilper from the Trinity College Dublin, Coordinator and TM – watch the full 9min video presentation presented as an  SNS JU webinar. You can also check the LinkedIn post.

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  • 6G-XCEL at MWC 2024

    6G-XCEL at MWC 2024

    6G-XCEL was hosted and presented at Juniper Booth during Mobile World Congress 2024. Though in very early stages in the project, Juniper hosted a 6G-XCEL presentation at its AI Innovation demo station, explaining the project goals and presenting the DMMAI framework architecture and the consortium behind it. 

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  • 6G-XCEL Project kick-off!

    6G-XCEL Project kick-off!

    6G-XCEL Project has kicked off in #dublinireland. This 36-month 6G #programme, co-funded by #SNSJU and the #EU, officially started on January 1st 2024. 10 EU Partners + 10 US Partners collaborating over the next 36 months.➡️ Partners discussed the project’s work plan, challenges & risks identified, while the implementation schedule was set.  📌 The goals are common:– 6G-XCEL is bringing together a large […]

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