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About 6G-XCEL

6G-XCEL will bring together a large ecosystem of researchers from the EU and US to implement elements of the DMMAI framework in their testbeds and labs.
DMMAI (Decentralized Multi-party, Multi-network AI) is a reference framework for AI in 6G that will pave the way towards global validation, adoption and standardization of AI approaches. 
This framework will enable the federation of AI-based network controls across network domains and physical layers, while promoting security and sustainable implementations. 
Research on the resulting decentralized multi-party, multi-network AI (DMMAI) framework will enable the development of reference use cases, data acquisition and generation methods, data and model repositories, curated training and evaluation data, as well as technologies and functionalities for its use as a benchmarking platform for future AI/ML solutions for 6G networks.

  • Visit our booth at EuCNC & 6g summit

    Visit our booth at EuCNC & 6g summit

    Visit Booth#67 at EuCNC & 6G Summit to learn about 6G-XCEL project and the use-cases it targets to promote AI in 6G networks: 1) AI enhanced resource management 2) 6G dynamic spectrum management

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  • 6g XCEL at EuCNC & 6g summit

    6g XCEL at EuCNC & 6g summit

    📢 EuCNC & 6G Summit Session 2 at Workshop 4 was about EU– US Cooperation, and our Professor Dan Kilper presented 6G-XCEL objectives at this well attended workshop. ❓ Curious to know what comes next? Visit our Booth#67 for a deep-dive with Merim Džaferagić and rest of research team!

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  • Workshop by University of Patras

    Workshop by University of Patras

    “O-RAN on a decentralised multi-party, multi-network AI (DMMAI) framework” – Christos Tranoris Spyros Denazis DMMAI Framework is being designed and developed by 6G-XCEL partners, with target to provide tools for research and development of decentralized AI methods for network control extending across radio and optical networks and network domains (aka ‘multi-network’ approach). Building on […]

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  • 6G-XCEL Project presentation

    6G-XCEL Project presentation

    6G-XCEL Project presentation by Professor Dan Kilper from the Trinity College Dublin, Coordinator and TM – watch the full 9min video presentation presented as an  SNS JU webinar. You can also check the LinkedIn post.

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  • 6G-XCEL at MWC 2024

    6G-XCEL at MWC 2024

    6G-XCEL was hosted and presented at Juniper Booth during Mobile World Congress 2024. Though in very early stages in the project, Juniper hosted a 6G-XCEL presentation at its AI Innovation demo station, explaining the project goals and presenting the DMMAI framework architecture and the consortium behind it. 

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  • 6G-XCEL Project kick-off!

    6G-XCEL Project kick-off!

    6G-XCEL Project has kicked off in #dublinireland. This 36-month 6G #programme, co-funded by #SNSJU and the #EU, officially started on January 1st 2024. 10 EU Partners + 10 US Partners collaborating over the next 36 months.➡️ Partners discussed the project’s work plan, challenges & risks identified, while the implementation schedule was set.  📌 The goals are common:– 6G-XCEL is bringing together a large […]

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